How Can I Request The Certificate Of Penalties?

The criminal certificate is an official document issued by the Ministry of Justice that proves the existence (or non-existence) of criminal offenses of a person. If for any reason they are asking you for this certificate and you do not know how to obtain it, in this article you will learn how to request the criminal certificate in different ways.

What Is The Certificate Of Criminal Offenses For?

The certificate of criminal offenses serves to unequivocally and officially know the criminal record of any person who is registered as a citizen. In this only acts that have been classified as crimes are considered, the offenses do not appear since they are not considered as criminal offenses.

In this certificate it will be possible to verify if a person has committed a crime, if he has been in prison, if he has served the sentence or not and what freedom regime he has in the negative case. The sentences that are not yet final and that may still be appealed, the criminal certificate does not appear.

This certificate is requested in different situations. For example, as to hold a public office or have a weapons permit it is essential not to have crimes under your belt, it is usually sued to prove it reliably. It is also common for foreigners who apply for a work permit, visa or residence to request the criminal certificate . The same happens when we want to carry out some procedures abroad, in that case, you must request the criminal certificate and make a sworn translation so that it is valid before the requesting body.

Be careful, this certificate should not be confused with the certificate for crimes of a sexual nature. The latter is usually sued when you go to work with minors, it is very common to be sued and it is essential to present it in order to apply for the job. If this is your case, you should know that they are two different certificates and therefore, they do not serve the same purpose.

How To Obtain The Criminal Certificate

The Ministry of Justice of the government is the body in charge of issuing the certificate of criminal offenses. Therefore, to request it we must go to him. Currently there are different ways to do it, these are:

  • Online : one of the easiest and most convenient ways to request the criminal certificate is through the Internet. To do this, you must enter the Electronic Headquarters of the Ministry of Justice and identify yourself with a digital certificate , with the electronic DNI or with the username and password of the Cl @ ve system. In addition, you must pay the corresponding fees and wait between 24 and 72 hours to download it. Once it is available, they will send you a message to the email you have entered.
  • In person: you can also choose to go in person to any of the indicated administrations to request it. These are: the territorial managements of the Ministry of Justice, the civil registries and the central office of attention to the citizen of Madrid.
  • Postal Mail: Finally, you can also request your criminal certificate by postal mail. To do this, you must send a letter containing the previous form as well as collated or certified photocopies of the original identification document. The Ministry of Justice will send you your certificate of criminal offenses after 3 business days from receipt of your request, although this process can take up to 10 business days.

Obtaining the certificate of penalties is quite simple nowadays, there are many options by which we can get it, even instantly and without leaving home. Procedures that were once cumbersome and made us waste too much time, are now simple and fast thanks to new technologies. It is worth learning how to do this type of online management, as they allow you to get all kinds of certificates and reports that you will need throughout your life.